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Life on Shift

-Integrated, well-staffed care teams include long term nurses, psychiatric social workers, EMTs, ER pharmacists and case managers all stationed in the ED.

-1 Resident to 1 Attending model builds strong relationships and allows for ample time for teaching and oversight.

-All cases are open to all levels of residents, no matter the acuity.

-A supportive and safe environment using progressive supervision moves residents towards independent practice while maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

-EM2 and 3’s start their shifts and begin managing cases before their attendings arrive, giving them tastes of independence with the safety of other care teams around for backup.

-Tracking of resident performance with tracking tools and regular updates on efficiency.

-60/40 split of shifts each month at Southfield and Novi, respectively.


  • -EM1: 19 x 8 hour shifts

  • -EM2: 18 x 8.5 hour shifts (arrive 30min prior to attending to practice independently)

  • -EM3: 17 x 9 hour shifts (arrive 60min prior to attending to practice independently)

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