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Rotation Philosophy 

(Scroll down for block diagrams)

-EM physicians require broad medical knowledge and an understanding of the system in which they practice. 

-The best way to learn EM is to practice EM. With 26 rotations in the ED, our residents will graduate ready for anything.

-Managing critical cases is why we are here. Our patients are sick. With more than double the required number of critically ill and injured patients in our EDs and with our 5.5 ICU rotations, our residents graduate with the knowledge and skills to stabilize the most severely ill and injured.

-They are not just little adults. We take a multifaceted approach to preparing our residents to care for our smallest patients. We have 2 rotations in pediatric EM and 1 rotation in the PICU at Children’s Hospital of Michigan, the largest tertiary care and level 1 pediatric trauma center in Metro Detroit. This is enhanced with time spent evaluating newborns with the NICU team while on OB and a 2-week NICU rotation as EM2’s. EM3’s have a pediatric anesthesia experience to reinforce airway management. Most importantly, all of our pediatric visits to our main EDs (~10%) are shunted resident care teams to integrate their pediatric knowledge.


-Not all doctors are good teachers. With over 20 training programs at our sites, our residents benefit from an institution that makes medical education a top priority from the ground up. Our passionate and dedicated faculty undergo continual development to ensure they are well prepared to host our residents. 

-Your time is valuable. Scut work does not prepare you for EM. We limit floor months and our residents do not do preop evaluations.  

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