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Weekly didactics represent a significant time commitment for residents and your time is valuable. Our novel weekly didactic curriculum is designed around how you learn. By combining elements of independent study with high-yield lectures and small group learning, we’ve maximized the didactic efficiency and impact. Small group sessions represent the vast majority of our weekly time and include ultrasound, journal club, and simulation to reduce trips into the hospital for separate experiences.

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Weekly didactics 

-1 hour of Asynchorous work on your own time
-1 hour only of large group lectures
-3 hours of small group (5 residents per group) including
-Foundations of EM case discuss
-Ultrasound Lab (with standardized patients!)
-Cadaver Lab
-Procedure Lab

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Quarterly didactics

-Toxicology Grand Rounds
-Journal Clubs
-Ultrasound Grand Rounds

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Yearly didactics

-Detroit Sonocup
-Ballistics Day at the firing range
-IEP Risk Management Seminar
-Regional SAEM

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